Is leadership becoming easier or more difficult?

The outside world is encroaching. Negative influences challenge peace and balance. Technology accelerates; but it diminishes human connect and interest. It shortens attention spans, and increases ways to multi-task is starting to replace the personal reward of focus. Importantly, time & effort to nurture the critical aspects of human motivation and collaboration is fading in the background.

Can you feel the changing needs of your workforce?

Can you feel you workforce becoming more and more disconnected?

Can you hear the increasing “What is in it for me?” in behaviors and attitudes?

Do these changes affect your “bottom line?”

Yes, greatly. Every aspect of business is affected. They show up in the costs of absenteeism, disengagement, turnover, lack of commitment, negativity and fear.

What can you do? Start from where you are right now. Become aware and take action!

We can help you. We have experience in over 15 industries, and work well with all levels of an organization, C-levels to shop floor. We have successfully applied our Vitalize Your Workforce (VYW) tools to help leaders re-engage with their workforce improving two way communication, interest, confidence and dedication to results.

Willingness to re-engage begins with trust. Trust that we are in this together. Trust is about confidence in the business; trust that the value of every job is important and recognized; and confidence that we are increasingly able to support ourselves and our families. When these are missing, personal connection dissipates and angst and deteriorating attitudes enter in.

We meet your needs, wherever you are, in a unique and customized way

We offer a range of speaking, consulting, coaching, and training programs. We offer coaching and consulting on-line or in person; for individuals and groups.

If you do not yet understand your workforce needs and want to better understand the degree of personal engagement or stagnation in your organization, great. Any motion or action = progress!

If you understand your needs, and want to implement any or all of the VYW motivational tools, we collaborative to develop and implement a customized plan with progress measurements.

If you are ready for a significant step and prefer the whole package, we will work with you team to develop and implement the 7 Tools to Vitalize Your workforce, provide Management training and coaching, and conduct two (2) progress reviews in Year II to assure your competitive evolution as a progressive thinking, learning organization.

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