Meet Margot Murphy…

Corporate Vitality Consultant, Speaker and Author

Margot’s interest in motivation, teamwork and success started early in competitive team sports where she excelled in Lacrosse and Swimming.  She then transitioned to competitive sailing where she crewed to win racing Championships in 2 boat classes on the Barnegat Bay in New Jersey; and small boat Nationals in Annapolis, Maryland. Preparation, teamwork, communication, caring, and consistent focus on success as are her natural gifts.

With Degrees in Economics and International Affairs, Margot embarked on a proven 25-year career in new business development working with Corporate 500 firms as Johnson and Johnson, AT&T, and Lucent Technologies.  She has extensive experience in start-ups, including wireless networks, EZ-Pass, RFID applications, video; global operations, ERP, and more.

In 2001, she started her consulting career in business rejuvenation & expansion.  She honed her ability to listen to the heart of leaders in a wide variety of industries; providing valuable, tangible insight and practicality to their evolution to success.


In 2004, Margot was invited to be a host of global radio show “Business Out of the Box.”  As host, Margot led conversation with prominent corporate leaders and consultants about “What changed in business today and how do we deal with it?”  

I invite you to listen:

Interview with Steve Farber

Interview with Michael F. Smith

Interview with Jeffery Hollander

Business Week

In 2005, Business Week invited Margot to become a contributing author, expanding her following and focus on managing effectively through change.  In this work, “Meaningful Action: The New Leadership Imperative,” she addressed global social responsibility… the need to consciously plan and give back to countries in which we do business, in a meaningful way, before utilizing their resources.

In 2012, Margot decided to further expand her reach for greater impact across more organizations. She traveled the country speaking with leaders and employees from hundreds of firms, inquiring what was missing in business today and what can we do about it.  The responses were remarkably common resulting in her current initiative 7 New Ways to Vitalize Your Workforce – The New Basics.

The 7 New Ways are actual tools that can be applied across organizations to help lift workforces who feel the malaise, disconnect, and personal stagnation.  These tools help to renew respect, vitality, interest and commitment for work, teamwork, learning, and expansion as a valued human being.  In effect, it is Meaningful Action: The New Leadership Imperative – at Home.

“Life is changing fast. Leaders must be pro-active to reach and lead a changing workforce that is less and less connected and engaged.” – Margot Murphy

Margot identifies key factors in the increasing malaise of personal stagnation, focuses on the heart of issues one by one; and provides clear, easily applied, sustainable tools for resolution.  No fluff.  Just  common sense identification and address of human motivation issues, in a different way.  Effective solutions.  Clear and simple.

“The more organizations address the elemental need of their workforce to be respected and supported inside as humans first, before numbers, the greater the vision can be for achievement at work, for themselves, their company, and their nation.” – Margot Murphy

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