2016 Vitalize Your Workforce Products

The 2016 Vitalize Your Workforce (VYW) Products are “tools”, designed to build a more pro-active, collaborative relationship between Leaders and employees for a greater communication, respect, motivation, teamwork and results.

Key is to understand workplace issues from both Leader and employee perspectives.  Every organization is different, from its construct, culture, experience, and more.  Focused dialog and inquiry are required to simplify and design real, uncomplicated, solutions that work to encourage performance flexibility and collaboration.  Reaching a common motivational perspective that addresses both the heart and mind enables identification of common interests, issues, solutions and celebration of success.

VYW recognizes the inherent needs and attitudes of employees; their full-life needs and their work needs.  Separating the two addresses only part of the being, thereby impeding efforts to lift one part or the other.  The VYW Tools life employee confidence, clarity, and connection while offering necessary repetition to reinforce high value commitment to their life and to your organization.

VYW Products address Leadership needs to create, connect and lead employees who listen, are vibrant, engaged, flexible in their talent readiness and want to succeed in life.  The result is greater productivity, ability to change the course of business effectively and rapidly, accelerate creativity, and demonstrate world-class teamwork, from the inside out.

Importantly, VYW knows that Leaders want Tools that are sustainable and effective without requiring extraordinary time of expense to implement.  No one needs or is interested in announcing a “whole, great new program” with its internal advertising and viral judgment.  Vitalize Your Workforce Tools are designed for ease of adoption and direct results.  The Tools can be implemented one at a time to address your most critical needs, or in a custom sequence to complete the Quality Circle of Vitality™.  Once implemented, they quietly work for you, every day all day.

2016 Vitalize Your Workforce Products:

1. Cascading Vision, Mission, Culture and Policies

Vision, Mission, Culture and Policy are common terms and concepts.  In reality, how active are they within your organization?  Just words?  Or are they living, breathing, Leadership tools?

Vitalize Your Workforce helps you realize your organization’s current, practical level of understanding of these concepts.  We work with you to refine and create a powerful, pro-active, visible combination for your organization(s); plus an effective communication and marketing plan.  We help introduce and/or refine effective, visible policy guidelines that support and reward both the behaviors and the results you want from Employees, Managers, Leaders, Suppliers and Customers.

2. Issue Resolution 

Complaining and negativity erode the vitality of an organization.  These behaviors can be overt, or clandestine.  Either way, they are mold in you organization.  They effect individuals and groups, with viral and repetitive erosion.  Unmanaged, they can seep into every aspect of your business.

Vitalize Your Workforce offers a simple Tool and process to transform complaining and negativity into positive action plus education.  It is easy to use, requires little training, improves interaction, communication, and benefits all involved.

When added to the implementation of other Vitalize Your Workforce Tolls, the value is visible and measureable.  Your strength as an organization and importantly your increased visibility as an effective, prominent Leader is enhanced.  A true Win-Win!

3. Integrated Incentives 

The days of traditional annual raise and promotion incentives are gone.  Employees know the $ availability and promotion opportunity for the majority is slim at best, and that these traditional incentives they are often targeted to particular individuals.  Leaders need to look to more meaningful incentives for their entire workforce, not just the selected few.

Vitalize Your Workforce can help you understand the concept of whole-life incentives that empower, respect and support all of your employees.  Clarity is the key.  We will link all of the 7 New Ways to Vitalize Your Workforce Tools into a leadership training process that starts from the ground up; offers opportunity for continual growth and personal expansion; visible support and recognition for individual interests and talents; and creates a more powerful definition of required leadership skills for promotion.  Meaningful action includes exploration and direct address of your future leadership requirements; and recognizing the power of choice and individual responsibility in employee engagement.

Market influences are moving too fast with less and less clarity.  We can’t look the other way.  We all must be proactive and reach for greater collaboration, flexibility and communication.  Vitalize Your Workforce will help lift your Leadership into Fantastic Leadership that Organizations Want (FLOW).

4. Delegation 

What does delegation mean to you?  Off-loading things you no longer want to do?  Perhaps you and others laugh, saying “I don’t have anyone to delegate to!”  If you do have the opportunity to delegate, are you delegating effectively?  How often do you delegate?

Personal stagnation takes many forms and is more pervasive than you think, causing lowered interest in your efforts to lead.  Vitalize Your Workforce will help you understand how delegation can be introduced as a Practice Asset™ and boost the vitality of your organization.

Delegation will no longer be viewed as the “dumping” of tasks.  It will become a living means to develop leadership talent, improve processes, teamwork and respect!

Let us help!

5. Mag Mentoring  (“Mag” can mean many things… magnanimous, magic…it’s up to you)

Mentoring is a term most people in a business organization say they want, yet few have practiced. Organizations that implement and reward mentoring are vibrant, aware, caring, and progressive.

If your organization does have a mentoring program… Is it just for new employees? How long is the mentoring period?  What does it entail?  Is it just for individuals selected for promotion?  What is the message to the rest of the organization?

When asked why there is little formal mentoring, the common answers are:  “I don’t know how;”  or  “We don’t do that here:”  “It costs too much;”  or  “No one cares…especially those at the top, so why do it?”  Careful!  These are all seeds of stagnation.  Vitalize Your Workforce will help build a vision and practice of consistent mentoring as a required part of your leadership training and Integrated Incentive Program, from the bottom up.  You don’t know where your true leaders are, until you see them in action.

Let us help!

6. Appreciation Program

Research reports that the #1 thing people anywhere want is to be appreciated.  Plain and simple.  Appreciation is the key to changing employees’ perspectives of how you think about them; and how they feel about themselves and their work.

Vitalize Your Workforce can help you address this need on many levels.  Work with us to implement an Appreciation Program for your organization at all levels, for every employee.  The most simple solutions are often the best, the strongest, and the most lasting.

Talk with us about the communication plan, training, promotion, and enhancing your reputation with your customers and suppliers.  This is an incredibly viral program that you can lead throughout your community – inside your business and out – simply by becoming a visible, appreciative leader supporting your employees.

7. Celebration

Celebration is something we are introduced to as a child.  We celebrate accomplishments, both big and small such as walking, learning how to read, ride a bike, go to school, play sports, graduate, start your first job…  then we grow up and go to work…  and… ?

The practice of celebrating may be gone, but not the need.  When asking organizations why they don’t celebrate, the answers are:  “We don’t have any budget,”  “Management doesn’t believe in it,”  “They won’t let us.” …  What is that?  Seed of stagnation!

Vitalize Your Workforce will help you redefine your perspective on celebration and work with you to integrate celebration into your organization’s culture.  It is important to note:  Customers and suppliers like to work with organizations that celebrate their people.  It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

You just have to do it! 

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