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ConsultingMargot is an exemplary business leader and mentor. I worked with Margot for two years and in that time she demonstrated unparalleled drive, executive presence and a unique ability to drive projects across multiple business units and stakeholders. I have no hesitation in recommending Margot and hope that I have the good fortune to work with her again in the future.

Tony Evans, Managing Director, US at BlackBerry

Consulting & Coaching

You have more pressures, more concerns.  You also need thought-partners with significant, real, proven Leadership experience to work with you and help develop your areas of interest.

Vitalize Your Workforce (VYW) brings extensive experience in hands-on experience in all phases of business development from the shop floor to C-level responsibility, U.S. and global.  This immersion in the day-to-day workings of an organization is necessary to offer services that effect you and every aspect of your operation.  A thought partner brings both conceptual thinking and a deep dive in practicality of every day leadership to assure the transformation you desire, no matter how large or small.

Your workforce is not a stand-alone entity.  It is no “out there” working for someone else.  It is tied closely to everything you do, say, and not say.  As your focus on numbers, analyze markets, run production lines, create sharp advertising platforms, the workforce is asking “What is in this for me?”   “Can I support my family better now than before?”   Where is my career going  Am I stuck where I am?”   “Why can’t anyone see me and lift my talents?”

For this reason, we offer several levels of collaboration:

1. VYW Basic: 4-Phase Program

PHASE 1:  In depth on-site inquiry & reporting on key motivational concerns of your organization

PHASE 2:  Program definition: Clarification of your needs and intentions, VYW Product and Service selection, identification of required customization, and the start of implementation dialog with your Team

PHASE 3:  Development of a finite implementation plan with communication requirements, timelines, and professional Program Management oversight

PHASE 4:  Identification of a measurement tracking (…) customized for your organization, selected program(s), and interests

Costs are project dependent.

2. VYW Advanced: Basic Program… plus…

Follow-up on-site interviews to determine the levels of receptivity and adoption of the new Leadership initiatives

Vitalize Your Workforce will work in conjunction with HR and/or your Leadership Team to conduct interviews designed to understand employee and Management awareness, reaction, and adoption of the motivation / re-engagement programs implemented.  This service is available on a one time basis and on an on-going pre-scheduled basis.

The on-going pre-scheduled service is recommended for a period of time, as any change and transformation requires consistency of action and repetition to re-pattern old habits of thought and action.  We also enjoy providing transformation results data that can visually show you the wisdom of your decision and action to Vitalize your Workforce.

This Service can be an adjunct to the Basic Package, or contracted as a separate function from the Basic Project anytime.

Cost: Project dependent

3. VYW Premier: Basic + Advanced… plus…

Management Coaching is often helpful when asking Leaders to become more connected with their workforce.  Remote leadership relies on other systems or departments to engage directly with the workforce programs.  Encouraging more Executive and Management connection with employees may be uncomfortable, and for some, misunderstood.

VYW Premier offers management coaching as part of your overall Vitalize Your Workforce package.  The process and frequency depends on the # of Managers involved in your Vitalize Your Workforce program scope, an importantly, the desire for on-going support by the Managers themselves.  As you know, all Manager talents and comfort levels are not created the same.  We recognize this personal for support, and VYW has the interest and talent to support your Vitalizing ALL of your workforce.

Cost:  project dependent

Executive Coaching

VYW Executive Coaching is available on a:  one time basis, on-going basis, or “available as needed” basis.  This Service provides you freedom and reassurance knowing we are here for you, any time.  This Service can be part your overall Vitalize Your Workforce package for a special fee, or contracted independently as needed.

Cost:  determined privately.  Quarterly and annual programs offer discounts.

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