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Steve Farber: Former VP of the Tom Peter’s Company
Current CEO of Steve Farber, Inc
Author of: The Radical Leap – Extreme Leadership Certification

  • “Let’s get beyond the title of “leader”
  • Focus on getting into the act of leadership
  • Leadership = transformation
  • Leaders are people who want to change things for the better
  • The Radical Edge
  • Greater Than Yourself


Michael F Smith: Former Managing Executive: business, banking, wealth mgt.
Current CEO of Michael F. Smith , Co. – consulting & strategy
Current Founder / CEO of Compass Star, Inc.
Founder / Leader of New Leader Weekend

  • The market is changing
  • The dynamics of change = change is continuous
  • Global market and strategy requires constant alertness


Jeffrey Hollender: Former CEO 7th Generation
Current CEO of Jeffrey Hollender Partners
Leader in Corporate responsibility, sustainability & social equity
How to Make the World a Better Place, 1990
What Matters Most… and Why Big Business is Listening 2004
Planet Home


David Steward: CEO and Co-Founder of World Wide technology, Inc.
Doing Business by the Good Book
Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans Award
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Part 2:


Pam Lassiter: Lassiter Consulting The New job Security
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Brian Stuhlmuller:

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