Margot M. Murphy is ready and available to speak with you and your organization(s) about Vitalizing Your Workforce.

Business and organizations are one of the only places today where we are organized and steady enough to instill positive, creative, team behaviors that are rarely taught elsewhere. It is one of the only places where we can create cultures and incentives that reinforce values we need as a country, and individual opportunities for growth that encourage loyalty and leadership participation.

At work, employees hope to get some relief from the outside world, and hope to gain more capability to care for their families.  What do they really get?  We need to explore this and accept the reality that we need to take action!

Select topics from our list, or introduce topics of interest.  We will customize to your need.

Some of our Speaking Topics include:

  • What has changed in the world today?
  • How has it impacted our workforce?
  • What can we do about it?
  • The Need to Evolve from “Remote” Leadership” to “Connected” Leadership
  • Isolation Does not Breed Loyalty
  • Stagnation is Demeaning
  • What Do You Mean “Delegate?”
  • Viral Leadership: It is Yours If You Want It

Custom program development and presentation are available upon request.

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