Employee Lack of Engagement is over...

the Real crisis is...
Employee Stagnation

The crisis of stagnation is pervasive…

...and costing corporations billions of dollars annually.

Your workforce is your competitive advantage...

...but only when working to its full potential.

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Welcome to the Vitalize Your Workforce Website

Consider the following statements:

93% of organizations are planning change…

…but only 4% of executives say they are change-ready.

In a survey of 2,400 participants…

…75% were unaware of their organization’s vision or mission.

65% of employees feel they are not recognised…

…and are actively looking for another job.

If your organization is pro-active, change-ready, and fully-adaptive, then please read no further.

However, if any of the above statements ring true, call us!

Employee stagnation is the root cause.

It all starts with asking the right questions.

Talking about employee engagement doesn’t work – it’s like holding wet spaghetti in your hands; you can’t hold it, you can’t mold it, and you can’t measure it.

Asking the right questions allows you to be focused – it allows you to identify and define actual problems that beg for tangible, actionable answers.

Vitalize addresses employee stagnation by:

  • Quantifying the depth and breadth of employee stagnation throughout the organization

  • Providing an actionable menu of integrated solutions

  • Providing measurable action, and leverageable results

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With Vitalize Your Workforce…

you CAN define your problem – you CAN design solutions – and you CAN measure progress!